C: Careless Whisper

C: Careless Whisper

"I'm never going to dance again These guilty feet have got no rhythm"

Oh! Look who we have today. The most well know rear end in all of music. Confused? Check out yesterday's post. I swear this wasn't planned. It just worked out that way.

While George Michael might have been shaking his bum in Wake Me Up Before you Go Go and later in Faith, here, in Careless Whisper, he was slow jamming. I know this song is on a lot of people's most hated songs of the '80s list, but I like it. It really makes me think of the '80s when I hear it.

This is another song that propelled its singer to superstardom. And while it was included on Wham!'s album, Make it Big, it was 100% George Michael's song and his first solo hit. It was so huge Billboard named it the number one song of 1985!

Now that is something you can shake your bum to!

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