M: Money for Nothing

"That ain't workin', that's the way you do it Money for nothin' and chicks for free"

One of the most recognizable beginnings of any song. Sting's "I Want my MTV". Yep! That is Sting singing in the background. He was on vacation where Dire Straits was recording and was asked to sing background vocals. Love it!

When I think of Money for Nothing I only think of MTV. This video was all over MTV in 1985, and for good reason. It was a fantastic video, with really tongue-in-cheek lyrics. I read that Mark Knopfler wrote it after hearing a few delivery men watching MTV and commenting on the rock stars.

Unfortunately, Sting's part, in the beginning, is all but cut out of the video and the second verse has been edited out, which is a shame.

This was Dire Straits most successful song. It reached number one and won the band a Grammy for Best Rock Performance by a Group or Duo. They also performed it with Sting at Live Aid.

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