Q: "Quirky" Goonies 'R' Good Enough

"Old fashioned superstitions. I find too hard to break. Oh, maybe you're out of place"

I had a lot of trouble with the letter "Q". This was the only letter I couldn't find any song that would fit. So, I decided that since Cyndi Lauper is quirky, I would make one of her songs for the letter "Q".

The Goonies is a huge cult classic. There are so many quotes and characters that everyone knows and loves from The Goonies, which makes it one of the most memorable movies from the '80s.

Seriously! What kid didn't want to be like Mickey, Mouth, Data, Chunk, Brand, Steph, and Andy. I wanted to be like Andy so I could be dating Brand. We all wanted to find a treasure map on the back of a picture and go on a crazy Goonie adventure. And this song captured that fun feeling.

The song was released as a single around the time of the movie release in 1985. It became Cyndi Lauper's fifth top 10 single on Billboard's Hot 100 charts.

It is a shame the Cyndi Lauper hates the song so much. She has since added it to her live performances, but only after the fans requested that she add it. For me, it is just a really fun '80s song.

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