U: Unchain the Night

"Never unchain the night Don't tell me that the love is strong"

We are going to feature another hair band today, although I don't really classify Dokken as a hair band. Well, I guess technically they are because they had the hair, but they rocked harder than a lot of the hair bands of the '80s.

Apparently there isn't a video for this song, so here is a live version from 1987.

Not the greatest version of the song, but they still sound great. And George Lynch rocks on the guitar. Love him! And his guitar solo on Heaven Sent is one of my favorites!

The very first CD I bought was in 1987 and it was Dokken's Back for the Attack. Great, great album! It also includes Heaven Sent. And here is video in case you want to hear the guitar part that I'm talking about. :)

Dokken is one of the groups I feel didn't get the love they deserved in the '80s. They weren't played as much as Bon Jovi, Poison or others, but had just as many great songs. I mean Dream Warriors, Heaven Sent, In My Dreams, Alone Again, Burning Like a Flame. . .

While Unchain the Night never reached the charts, the album, Under Lock and Key was certified platinum.

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