V: View to a Kill

"Meeting you, with a view to a kill Face to face in secret places, feel the chill"

I had to add a Duran Duran song to my A-Z Challenge. They are, after all, my favorite band from the '80s. While this isn't one of my absolute favorite Duran Duran songs, I'll take any Duran Duran song over anything on the radio today.

The song was written for the James Bond movie, A View to a Kill.

Simon does look good in this video, though. :)  

A View to a Kill, the song, hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 charts and became the only James Bond song to reach number one. It was also nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Original Song. Pretty awesome!

I am anxiously awaiting Duran Duran's new album and tour. I've seen them only once in concert and once just isn't enough!

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