Planning on a Budget: Gathering your Planner Supplies

Now that you have had time Choosing the Perfect Planner for you and your budget, you can now start gathering your planner supplies.

There are no set rules on stocking up on planner supplies. You can buy as much or as little as you like. Some people just use what they have at home: a ballpoint pen, highlighter, and a paperclip. Others spend tons of money stocking up on stickers, colored pens, embellishments, and washi tape. That was me. Yikes! Did I spend a ton of money.

Don't Be Like Me! 

Unfortunately, I have spent my fair share of money on planner supplies. I have more stickers, flags, and washi tape than I will ever need. And now, a lot of those supplies, which I never used, are collecting dust in a bin in the corner of my craft room. I probably could have paid a month's mortgage payment with the money I blew on planner supplies.

But I digress. . .

Hopefully my bad choices will save you from making the same ones.

Top 3 Basic Planner Supplies

When starting out as a beginner planner, I suggest sticking to these 3 basic planner supplies:

Beginner Planner Supplies: Stickers

You might think heading to the sticker section of your favorite craft store is the best bet for saving money on stickers, but that isn't always the case. Individual packs of stickers can be really expensive, especially the really cute ones.

My suggestion is to buy a value pack of stickers. These packs offer a little bit of everything and give you plenty of variety for your money.

The Happy Planner

The Happy Planner offers value packs of stickers for almost everything and everyone from students to moms and then some.

They are not cheap at $19.99 a pack, but just wait until they are either on sale or use your 50% coupon at Michaels. I think $10.00 is worth it, especially when some of the packs have over 1,500 stickers in them!

Be sure to check the sticker sizes too. If you chose a mini planner make sure to pick the mini stickers. The regular sized stickers are too big for the mini planner. The cover of the pack should say whether the stickers are mini or regular size.


Michaels jumped on the planner bandwagon pretty quickly and is now offering their own sticker value packs.

The packs don't include as many stickers as a lot of The Happy Planner packs, and some are very niche oriented, but they are cheaper at $9.99 without a coupon. I got one of these packs after Christmas for $2.99. Not sure how that happened, but I'll take it!

Carpe Diem

These are my new favorite packs. They are so different, small for my mini and Kate Spade planners, and come in pretty colors and cute designs.

 The bloom set is my favorite. I just love the polka dot typewriter!

They are smaller sticker packs and the stickers themselves are tiny, perfect for a mini planner, but you can't beat the price of $6.99 without a coupon. They are a little over $4.00 with a 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon.

Beginner Planner Supplies: Washi Tape

This is the one planner supply that you can drop a ton of money on. Washi tape is not cheap and usually comes in single or double rolls. Michaels' Recollections brand sells multi packs, but they can be pretty pricey.

I suggest picking a design or two and trying it. I dropped a ton of money on washi tape over the years and I don't think I have used one roll completely. It just doesn't work for my planning, but I really do like the rainbow tape from Paper Source.

Beginner Planner Supplies: Page Holder/Clips

These can be as simple or elaborate as you want. A simple paperclip will work, or you can get a little fancy and pick up some paperclip shapes, magnetic page markers, or even make your own. 

This is probably the cheapest of your planner supplies, but I think it is the most important. I use at least two: one to mark the current week and one to mark the monthly calendar. I usually have another for my blog stuff and a couple extras in my folder, just in case I need them.

Want to make your own? Check out this link, this link, this link, or this link. I'll add some more DIY planner projects on my Planner Freebies Pinterest board.

Where to Find Cheap Planner Supplies


The Dollar Spot is the prime spot to look for cheap planner supplies. There are a lot of super cute and cheap stickers, washi tape, and embellishments in the bins. Be careful, though. If you are like me, I can drop $20 easily in that section of the store.

The end caps are another great place to look. Target often has the sale and clearance stuff on the end caps, especially around the stationary section. I've found some great sales on sticker sets and other planner stuff on the end caps.

Michaels / Hobby Lobby / AC Moore

Craft stores offer a lot of variety on planner supplies, plus you can use coupons there. I don't buy anything for full price. If you wait long enough the item will either go on sale or you will get a pretty sweet coupon to use.

If you don't want to sign up for emailed coupons check on the craft stores website for the latest coupon. You can either print it out or scan the code from your phone.

TJ Maxx/Marshalls/HomeGoods

These stores, which I think are all owned by the same company, stock planner supplies in their stationary section. It is hit or miss, but sometimes you can find some really awesome planner supplies.

I tend to have the best luck at my local TJ Maxx. Last week, I found a large Kate Spade 2018 planner for $16.00! That is quite a steal.

Tuesday Morning

Another great store to find planner supplies. I don't know if all of their stores have a craft section, but mine does. Not only do they carry yarn, fabric, and crochet/knitting supplies, they stock plenty of planner supplies, like scrapbook paper, stickers, and stamps.

I have found some really cute clips, stickers, and other fun embellishments for a really great price. My favorite I found is a book of really cute and girly Paris stickers.

My Planner Supplies 

Some of my absolutely favorite planner supplies. Unfortunately, some of these are no longer available, but you might be able to find them on Ebay or Etsy.

I hope I have given you some ideas to save some money while gathering your planner supplies.

Happy Planning!

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